What is Just Cook Galway?

Just Cook Galway is a grass-roots project to make food planning, shopping, and cooking an easier, more affordable, and less stressful option than take-away. By making cooking the norm again, particularly among 18-30 year olds, we can live healthier lives, save money, and reduce our environmental impact.

We have big plans for the future, but for now this is taking the form of a free weekly newsletter that includes a shopping list and recipe broken down step-by-step enabling anyone regardless of skill level to cook a meal for themselves. 

In 2017 we were very lucky to receive support from the STAND Ideas Collective, as well as a KBC Bright Ideas Community Award. While the Just Cook team is currently a solo operation run by Siri Rosendahl, we are looking to grow. The more people on board the more cool things we can do. If you’d be interesting in joining the team reach out and contact us and we can have a chat! 

Who is just cook for?

When reading this page you’ve probably already thought of at least 3 people in your life that could use a little help and guidance in the kitchen. Just Cook is for:

  • your sibling, nephew, housemate (or maybe even you…) who is somehow surviving off a diet of take-away burritos and frozen pizzas
  • the workaholic who can cook, but doesn’t because they don’t have time to plan our a shopping list or think up a meal
  • the student who can cook a few things, but wants to learn some new easy recipes to add more variety to their dinners
  • crunchy-granola folks who want to reduce their carbon footprint by buying more locally and in-season
  • anyone who is hungry 🙂 

What is the point?

The fact is hardly anyone cooks anymore. One survey we ran found over 60% of twenty-somethings in Ireland cook less than 5 meals a week using fresh ingredients. Instead we opt for take-away and ready made meals. When we do make an attempt in the kitchen we stick to simple, bland meals. This is having a big impact on our mental and physical health, our budgets, and our environment.

Young adults usually want to cook, but don’t cook for a few main reasons:

  • We are exhausted. After a day at college, work, or even just lying in our beds fighting a hangover we don’t have the energy to plan and prep a meal.
  • We don’t know what to do. Not all of us had a mentor in the kitchen or maybe didn’t see the value in cooking when we were younger. Now when we give it a go it never seems worth it when the food doesn’t even taste that great.
  • We get overwhelmed. Deciding what recipe to look up is stressful enough, never mind cooking it. Planning ahead what to shop for so we don’t buy too little or too much ends up costing up money and causing us to create food waste.

There is more to cooking that meets the eye and without practice we haven’t developed the skills we need to enjoy and benefit from it. That’s where Just Cook comes in.

What Principles Guide Just Cook?

Keep it Simple

Our recipes are written to be so easy, a first-year with limited skills, time, and tools can easily follow them. We choose the recipe, make the shopping list, and walk you through prepping the meal, so it takes as little effort as possible on your end.

Keep it local

Our recipes are based on what’s on offer and what’s in season in Galway City. We recommend where you can pick up the ingredients from local producers, and where you can find the ingredients for the best price based on the shops nearby.

Reduce waste

We know what it’s like to have to buy the whole 1kg of carrots when you really only needed one. That’s why we include recipe ideas for what to do with the left-over ingredients. Learning how to use what you have in the fridge keeps decaying fruits and veggies from landfills and means you don’t bin the food you spent your hard-earned cash on. Win-win.

Sharing is Caring

With diet-related diseases the top of the list for cause of death and food waste having a detrimental impact on the environment, we see Just Cook as part of a revolution to save our selves and our planet. That’s why we encourage users to cook together! Ask a friend to join you and swap advice, because the more we improve our cooking, planning, and budgeting skills the more self-sufficient we become. #adulting

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